Experience the daily operation of E-Mobility and optimum TCO at the VDL Bus & Coach stand during Busworld 2017

The world is changing and markets are in a real state of flux. Human mobility is becoming increasingly important, every day. VDL Bus & Coach is responding to those needs, by supplying specific custom-made solutions that contribute to improved quality of life in our cities and more comfortable travel, in a more sustainable world. Day in day out, the VDL Citea Electric is proving its value in various cities around Europe, in daily operation, now already totalling 4 million electric kilometres on the clock. The Citea LLE and the complete Futura range guarantee the lowest TCO on the market and more Profit of Ownership, due to lower total weight for less fuel consumption, less emission of harmful substances and lower maintenance costs.
During Busworld 2017, VDL Bus & Coach will be presenting its entire product range, from the latest developments in E-Mobility through to the lightweight Citea LLE 12.7 metre and from the luxury 14.1 metre Futura double-decker through to the compact MidCity midibus. Busworld 2017 will be held between 20 and 25 October in Kortrijk, Belgium. The VDL Bus & Coach stand, stand 404, is in hall 4.

Experience the VDL Citea Electric
E-Mobility is developing at lightning pace. In the transition to zero emission public transport, the key is not only buses but above all turn-key public transport systems. VDL Bus & Coach, as Western European market leader for E-Mobility, is focusing increasingly on its role as transition partner for the complete range, and at Busworld 2017 will be presenting a number of electric public transport systems. Experience daily zero emission operation in a whole raft of cities, definitive proof from VDL that small-scale test projects are a thing of the past. During Busworld, you will experience just how far zero emission bus operation has come. Be amazed by the experience and expertise already accrued by VDL. The specific approach to managing the transition to zero emission public transport developed by VDL starts with a thorough analysis of requirements. That analysis is converted into a zero emission operation recommendation, in which the entire process of implementation and maintenance is also fully managed.

The VDL Citea SLFA Electric is an electric articulated bus with a length of 18.1 metres, built according to an innovative, futuristic BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) design. The VDL Citea SLFA Electric in fact recently received the 2017 Red Dot Award. The Red Dot Award is a prestigious international design prize presented annually by the ‘Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen’ in Essen, Germany. The VDL Citea Electric was prize winner in the category ‘Product Design’. The jury unanimously praised the innovative design of the articulated VDL Citea SLFA; living proof that electric public transport of the future is already possible, today. The deployment of this bus for daily operation in various Dutch and German cities has already put millions of electric kilometres on the clock. A never before seen model of the Citea SLFA-181 Electric will be on display at the VDL Bus & Coach stand.

Take a test ride and enjoy for yourself the always fascinating experience of travelling in a pure electric bus. A VDL Citea SLF-120 Electric, designed and built according to the state of the art technology, will be available for test rides at Busworld 2017.

Another zero emission public transport system will be displayed on the outdoor site, in the form of a VDL Citea LLE-99 Electric, including rapid charging station. This model was specially developed for the less busy city and regional bus lines, so these areas too can profit from zero emission public transport. At a length of 9.9 metres and with a particularly friendly design look, this bus ties in perfectly with the image that many villages and small towns have in mind.

The lightweight champion VDL Citea LLE
The VDL Bus & Coach stand will also feature a Citea LLE-127, which at a length of 12.7 metres is the longest Citea LLE variant. The extended wheelbase offers space for 4 additional seats as compared with the 12-metre variant. Compared with similar buses with the same number of seats, the Citea LLE-127 also enjoys the advantages of a low total weight, lower fuel consumption, less emission of harmful substances, lower maintenance costs and as a consequence, the lowest TCO on the market, and higher Profit of Ownership.

The VDL Citea LLE is the lightweight champion in the VDL Bus & Coach product range and for years has been the lightest low-entry bus on the market. New developments have once again helped reduce the unladen weight, making this latest variant even lighter. Unladen, the fully equipped 12-metre model weighs less than 9,000 kilo, at least 2 tonnes less than any similar bus type. This low unladen weight results in very favourable fuel consumption, which in turn means massively reduced emissions of CO2, fine dust particulate and NOx.

As well as the unladen weight reduction, together with the Start-Stop function and an integrated regeneration system, a reduction in fuel consumption of between 4% and 8% has been achieved, as compared with the previous generation LLEs. This is further confirmation of VDL’s leading position in the field of fuel consumption and CO2 reduction.

The LLE version on display is a 3-door version with a dynamic interior that perfectly combines a variety of travel options. The interior is also finished in a modern colourway, that makes the passengers feel entirely at home.

The multitalented VDL MidCity
The VDL MidCity was developed entirely for public transport applications. Its low floor is ideal for simple passenger entry and easy access for wheelchair users. The unique combination of this low floor and the 70 cm extended wheelbase is a speciality developed in house by VDL Bus & Coach that offers huge custom-made flexibility (additional seating, seat type and/or more luxurious layout) and higher entry comfort.
Thanks to the unique position of the double door, passengers climb aboard right alongside the driver and there is space for an additional seat to the left of the entrance.

The MidCity on display in Kortrijk has seating for 17 (including 3 folding seats), standing room for up to 9 passengers and 1 wheelchair space. Thanks to its compact dimensions (total length is 8.061 metres including the 70 cm wheelbase extension and long rear overhang), the MidCity is highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for transport applications in narrow streets and old city centres.

Experience the VDL Futura
The Futura stands out thanks to its remarkably low own vehicle weight, excellent fuel economy, high passenger capacity, high volume of luggage space and low kilometre cost price. All these features make the Futura an extremely profitable investment. Within the Futura range, there is a huge variety in terms of length, height, number of axles and of course the layout and design of the interior.

On display at the stand will be a VDL Futura FDD2-141, a double-decker version with 74+1+1 seats and a VDL Futura FHD2-106 with 40+1+1 seats.
The new VDL Futura FHD2-135 will be presented to the public for the first time. This coach is fitted with 52+1+1 seats.

The double-decker Futura FDD2-141 offers a comfortable and adequate transport solution both for the demanding holiday market and for intercity business passengers. The use of a unique dividing floor in lightweight sandwich material creates a height clearance of 1.86 metres on the lower deck, unmatched by any other coach in its class. The extended angle of sight for the driver, achieved by allowing the dividing floor to be angled upwards as it approaches the windscreen, is a true innovation. The result is a real sense of space and optimum all-round visibility.

With its Futura FHD2-106, VDL Bus & Coach is targeting the VIP segment with small groups wishing to travel in ultimate luxury and comfort. Just like the other Futura models, the 10.6 metre length variant comes with a flat floor throughout. The entire interior radiates space through the harmonised use of colours, a well-balanced lighting concept and open luggage compartments.

The Futura FHD2-135 has a length of 13.5 metres, the maximum permitted length on 2 axles. The low vehicle weight of the Futura means this maximum permitted length can be fully utilised. The biggest advantages are the huge luggage space of more than 12 m3 and the maximum seating layout of 63+1+1, unique for 2-axle vehicles. The small turning circle of just 23,480 mm makes the Futura FHD2-135 easy to manoeuvre.

The luxurious VDL MidEuro
On the outdoor site, a VIP model of the VDL MidEuro will be on display. This compact travel bus is perfectly suited for transporting small groups in absolute luxury. To create additional space, the wheelbase has been extended by 70 cm, and the vehicle has been extended by a further 30 cm at the rear. The total length is 8.4 metres. The interior consists of 16 semi-leather seats and 2 hardwood tables with seats in face-to-face layout. For the ultimate VIP experience, the bus is fitted with panoramic side windows, USB connections, refrigerator, multimedia system and 2 monitor screens.

Valkenswaard, September 2017

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